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Additional Information

Mission statements – We believe in the quality of work and not quanitiy. This means we take the necessary time to ensure that each client/customer is provided with work that they can feel confident that there statements and arguments are articulated professionally and concisely. We pride ourselves on not being a run of the mill operation. 

Company policies – We implement one primary rule, "Keep it reasonable, Keep it Realistic" when developing case plans and requests. Many individuals in the legal industry simply say, "whatever you want we can do it for you." We try to discuss what is a realistic outcome or goal so that individuals can be satisfied with the results instead of a let down. 

Wall of Fame

We invite our client's to provide a real-life testimonial letter for our "Wall of Fame" so that others can be inspired, motivated and rejuvenate any lost or forgotten hope. One day it could be your story on our wall. 

Success Stories

Lyssa W.

Came here as a recommendation from my friend Alex for help with some legal issues at hand. Kathleen and her associates were very helpful and friendly during my what-was-then difficult time. Not only did they get my issues resolved, but the process was made convenient and as easy as possible for me. I would definitely recommend Kathleen and her team to anyone needing to seek counsel 

Mary C.

I had the pleasure of working with this office and with VERY little money they were able too help me with my document's I needed to file so I could go on with my life and put and end to my old problems I am very Thankful to her and her staff for the time and consideration that they gave me U would highly recommend her and her staff to anyone      

Sincerely Mary C.

Justin K.

I had the good fortune of seeking out assistance from this office a few years back during a really awful time in my life. Like a lot of people, I had zero clue as to how family law or that side of the system worked so when my relationship with my sons mom ended, and the disagreements began, I started seeking out legal advice. I found Alex through a friend who had used him before, and he raved about how he had helped him through a situation similar to mine. After sitting on the fence for a while about going through with the court process, I interviewed a few other offices but decided this was the best team for me. Alex was decisive, honest, and very familiar with my situation. He prepared and coached me on exactly what to do and how to prepare for each step of the way. He and his team helped me achieve exactly what we determined to be best for my family through the court process and I really can't say thanks enough. I have since referred several friends, coworkers, and even random folks who've heard my story and were seeking help to Alex.