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Our office is currently open and accepting new clients for all of our areas of practice. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many of the courts in our area have limited court hearings to emergencies, however, they are still accepting digital case filings. Do not be last in line to have your case heard by the courts. Beat the rush by calling us today to schedule a telephonic appointment with one of our highly skilled staff members. 

We are now offering telephonic and virtual consultations.


Fully Staffed

We are currently closely with a local and neighboring law firm that has several paralegals and two licensed and experienced attorneys assisting clients with  legal matters that require emergency filings. 

Riverside Superior Court Covid-19 Responsive Action


Electronic Document Submission (Free)

Customers may file documents online via the eSubmit Document Submission Portal. Transaction fees are waived through June 30, 2020.

  • Note: the court is only processing certain documents relating to emergency and essential matters at this time. All other documents may be submitted, but will not be reviewed or filed until the court resumes normal operations.

Telephonic Appearances

Telephonic appearances are available for certain emergency hearings that have not been continued or postponed. CourtCall is available for some matters (and CourtCall fees have been temporarily reduced through April 30, 2020). Telephonic appearance options, including service providers, varies by case type; see below for additional information.


  • The court will continue to hear in-custody arraignments for both misdemeanor and felony cases, preliminary hearings, bail motions, priority sentencing hearings and accept gun violence restraining orders.
  • All criminal jury trials are continued for 60 days.
  • Daytime Emergency Protective Order (EPO) and Search Warrants will be accepted.

 Family Law

  • The court will continue to accept ex parte domestic violence restraining order requests and ex parte applications.
  • Daytime Emergency Protective Order (EPO) calls will still be accepted.
  • All other family law matters will be continued.
  • CCRC Appointments (mediation) will be continued.


  • The court will continue to hear temporary guardianship and temporary conservatorship cases, LPS conservatorships, accept ex parte elder abuse restraining orders and ex parte applications.
  • All other probate matters will be continued.
  • Probate Investigator in-person interviews are postponed until further notice.

San Bernardino County Emergency Relief Covid-19 Response

From April 3, 2020 through April 30, 2020, all courtrooms except for limited courtrooms in San Bernardino Justice Center, Victorville, Joshua Tree, San Bernardino Historic and Juvenile Court will be closed for judicial business, except for the following time-sensitive, essential functions: 

     a. Civil Temporary Restraining Orders involving violent conduct,

     b. Family ex parte including domestic violence proceedings and other safety issues;

     c. Hague Convention (international kidnapping);

     d. Probate ex parte hearings concerning elder abuse;

     e. Probate emergency petitions for temporary guardianship;

     f. Probate emergency petitions for tempoary conversatorship;

     g. Criminal, in-custody and/or other time-sensitive or critical matters, including but not limited to, pre-preliminary and preliminary hearings;

     h. Emergency orders related to the health and safety of a child; 

A Focus on Results

The first step is for us to work with you and come up with a plan to get the results you need. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances, we will craft a path to success.

Law You Can Understand

We know that legal action can sometimes be overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing you help in language that you can understand. If you don't feel like you understand your options, just ask, and we will work to find an explanation that works for you. We try to take the suficiated legal lingo and put it in terms that you can understand.

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