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Legal Disclaimer

Services Provided

Affordable Document Preparation Services which include: Drafting, Revisions, Copies, and Directions for Filing and Service

Attorney Representation Option

For individuals who either feel uncomfortable with public speaking in front of a Judge, or those who desire to even the playing field we provide information as to attorney representation

Mediation Preparation

Many local courts require parties to a custody case matter to participate in a Mediation Appointment aka Child Custody Recommending Counseling, which can be intimidating and critical. We offer appointments to discuss what to expect and how to properly plan and organize your thoughts and concerns so that you can present your issues and concerns effectively and concisely. 

Free Consultations

We offer free, no-obligation, consultations with can be with either one of our intake specialists or if preferred, with an attorney for a nominal charge to evaluate each person's situation, discuss legal options along with pros/cons of each choice.

What Is ‘Physical Custody’?

 Physical custody refers to which parent your children live with and when. Joint physical custody means the parents are sharing time with the children. The children spend time at each parent’s house, including overnight stays, according to a schedule that is best for the children. Joint physical custody does not necessarily mean the children are spending exactly half of their time with each parent (often referred to as 50/50 physical custody).  (This is not to be interpreted as legal advice, and only generalized public knowledge and information) 

Legal Advice is Not Provided by any Non-Lawyer

Legal advice can only be provided by a licensed attorney within the State. All non-attorney staff members of our office are prohibited from providing legal advice. 

Things to Consider

For Individuals who find themselves in a custody dispute, we encourage every individual to consider voluntary participation in a Parent Education Program, Co-Parenting Program, and First Aid/CPR Certification. While it may seem unncessary unless ordered by the Court, many families find the benefit from completing these courses. Doing so before being ordered by the Court can help eliminate potential arguments being brought against you in court. Referral information for such programs can be found on local court websites. 

Online Parental Communications Programs

For individuals who are experiencing difficulties in communicating with the "other parent" about issues relating to their kids, local courts have found great success in increasing communications between parents by implementing an Online Parental Communication Program to be utilized. 

A few of those programs are listed here: 





What Is ‘Legal Custody’?

 Legal custody refers to who will be allowed to make legal decisions on matters related to your children, including but not limited to education, participation in extra-curricular activities, medical care, dental care and mental health services. In California, the courts presume that legal custody should be shared between both parents but there are several exceptions to this presumption where the court may grant sole legal custody to one parent.  (This is not to be interpreted as legal advice, and only generalized public knowledge and information)

Developing Parenting Plans

 A parenting plan is an outline of legal and physical custody, as well as any visitation schedules, for your children. It is always best to be as specific as possible. One should also consider "midweek parenting time" "weekend parenting time" "holiday and special day schedule," custodial exchange desire (place, time, and who) will be participating or be present) Some individuals request court orders for Counseling, Parenting Education, Drug Testing, Alcohol Assessments, Psychological Evaluations, and more if relevant to their factual situation.